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About The Veterans Ranch

The Veterans Ranch was founded to assist Veterans through horses and to raise funds for children who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. 

Equine therapy is simply pairing a Veteran with a horse and showing them how to take care of them and make that special connection to get to a new place in their life. 

There is a very special bond between a person and a horse.

We also have a soft spot for children who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. 

We help them and their families ease some of the financial burdens that come from loosing someone in the line of duty.

Let us show you how you can make that special connection today.

PJJR Ranch Corp
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Pam (PJ) Smith is the President/CEO of The Veterans Ranch and the wife of J.R. Like J.R., Pam has a lot of deep military ties in her family.  Her Father was in the Army after WWII, and she also had two Uncles that were in WWII.  

One was with medical in Germany, and the other was at Pearl Harbor the day it was hit.  That great man lived till 2010.  So, Pam has the same deep appreciation for our military and their families that we all do and this is why she felt so passionate about starting The Veterans Ranch.  Horses have always been a passion for Pam as well.  She says that there is nothing more magical than being on a horse and just going for an amazing ride.

J.R. is the Vice President/COO of The Veterans Ranch.  He has always had a love for horses and Veterans.  His Father, Uncle, Grandfather, are all Veterans.  J.R. also had a lot of friend that went to the first Gulf War right out of high school in 1991. 

 So, he has a strong appreciation for the sacrifices that are made to protect our freedoms.  This is why The Veterans Ranch was founded in 2017 so Veterans and their families can get the assistance that they need, and lay down that heavy coat of burden and walk forward as a new and improved version of themselves.  J.R. calls horses God’s majestic animal.  They can feel a gnat land on their back, so they know everything about you from two feet away.  They are just amazing.

About Us

Michael Smith Sr. is the Secretary/Treasurer of The Veterans Ranch.  Mike Served in The United States Navy from 1969-1973 and was in Vietnam during 1969-1970.  Mike has a strong passion for helping other Veterans in need as well as their families.  

Mike has seen first hand how military life can affect families, so he wants to help any way that he can.  Mike calls horses your seventh sense.  They are that buddy in your unit that knows everything about you.  The good, the bad, and the ugly, and they don’t judge you.  You are there to take care of each other, period.  That is what horses do for you.  Some Veterans NEVER get that feeling again once they are out of the service.  So, we hope that we can provide some of that feeling again for them.

Advisory Board

Carl Blackstone

Carl A. Blackstone MAJ (Ret) USA

Carl severed 22 years with the Connecticut Army National Guard, starting in the enlisted ranks as Private and Retiring as Major. During Carl's career he served as Communications Chief, Company Commander, Facility Manager and Maintenance Administrative Officer for the Director of Logistics.
After retiring in 1996, Carl started his second career in Residential Real Estate and is currently Senior Vice President of The Center For Institutional Finance located in Daytona Beach, FL. The Veterans Ranch is honored to have Carl's knowledge and expertise on the advisory board.

Eugene Oliva

Eugene Oliva USMC Veteran

Eugene served 8 plus years in the United States Marine Corps. Eugene is a strong willed person who puts 110% into everything that he does. After leaving the Marine Corps Eugene has successfully started and running multiple businesses and has a very extensive resume. We are proud to have him on our advisory board.

Advisory Board

Hiram Figueroa USMC Veteran

Hiram was in the United States Marine Corp from 1977-1992 with a very extensive career. Hiram is a highly motivated Sr. Operation Manager with an extensive background in business transportation systems, project management, supply chain management, and overall day-to-day operations, passionate about leading teams to achievement while implementing efficient and effective processes. Hiram brings a large amount of experience to The Veterans Ranch Advisory Board and we are proud to have him be on the team.