Horses – Healing Workshops – Basic Needs

Healing Through Horses

We analyze the needs of the individual or family before they get paired up with a horse.  Then we work with them to start learning the basics of caring for Gods majestic animal and then it is on them to learn to work together with us never being to far away for guidance. 

The basics start with a grooming kit and learning how to build trust and a bond with that horse.  Horses by nature are prey animals so you need to break down the barriers and start building that trust.  The same thing applies to children that have gone through a traumatic experience. 

These programs help make people more calm, understanding, and better functioning members of society.  We have seen people that had been “on the couch” for 10 years and after 10 minutes with a horse have more giant breakthroughs then ever before.  We look forward to helping you take off that heavy coat of burden and lay it down and never pick it up again. 

Motivation Through Healing Workshops

At The Veterans Ranch we use motivation through healing workshops to help you become a new and improved version of yourself.  We want you to be able to speak openly and freely with what is on your heart without fear of judgement.  

We want you to be able to realize and understand the things that may cause problems.  We understand that you will never be able to forget some of the things you saw during your time of service, but we want you to be able to deal with them and process them better.

Support With Basic Needs

Our service men and women do not always have lots of money in the bank.  Your average E-4 or equivalent only makes about what a low level fast food manager does.  We provide our men and women in uniform and Veterans with the opportunity to save money on their essential services.  The links below will show you what is available.