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8 Benefits of Equine Therapy

8 Benefits of Equine Therapy

by JR Smith | Sep 14, 2022 | Equine Therapy, PTSD and 22 Suicides a Day, We Love Horses | 0 comments

Equine Therapy has Many Benefits

The idea of using horses for improving physical and mental health is not new. Hippocrates was said to have mentioned the potential of horses being useful for helping to manage health. However, equine therapy hadn’t been adopted in the modern world until around the 1960s.

There are a number of reasons that equine therapy could be considered effective, and a number of reasons that make this branch of therapy very unique compared to other forms of rehabilitation.

A benefit of equine therapy is the fact that humans and animals require no words to communicate. This opens up a line of communication that may not be breached were the patient trying to reach a traditional therapist.

In this article we’ll discuss some of the most powerful benefits that you or a loved one could experience if you partake in equine therapy.

How Our Nonprofit is Better

The Veterans Ranch Helps Veterans with PTSD

When it comes to PTSD treatment, one size does not fit all. Equine therapy is a specialized therapy with horses. There are different kinds of equine programs, and they have different goals for the people involved. Some programs are part of mental health treatment. In other cases, clients ride horses as part of a physical or occupational therapy regimen.

The Veterans Ranch Serves Veterans Nationwide

We’re on a mission to serve Veterans across the nation through equine therapy. Our goal is to open local Veteran ranches to serve local Veteran communities. Imagine a Veterans ranch in every state, near every major metropolitan area, serving local Veterans. To do this, we’re partnering with Veteran and Patriot owned ranches.