Veteran's Ranch

Serving Veterans through Equine Therapy

Our Mission at The Veterans

Too many Veterans are suffering from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
and are choosing to end their own lives. We often hear the phrase “22 a day,”
referring to the number of Veterans that commit suicide daily.


Serving those who Served Us All

The Veterans Ranch is devoted to helping Veterans cope with PTSD. We’re committed to helping as many of them as we can through Equine Therapy. Teresa’s story is just one of many that serve to remind us just how important our mission is. Let’s do our part to see that no veteran is left without assistance.

The Veterans Ranch

Serving the Veteran Community

At The Veterans Ranch, we’re on a mission to fight PTSD and decrease
Veteran suicide through Equine Therapy, Healing Workshops,
and PTSD awareness.


We offer equine therapy for Veterans, First Responders, and immediate family members.


Healing workshops unite Veterans suffering from PTSD so that they can heal together.


We spread awareness of PTSD and
how our services help combat

A Soldiers Story

At one of our Veteran horse clinics we paired up an active duty Airman with the most gentle 18 hand high horse (6 feet from hoof to the top of the shoulder or withers as they are known) and this gentleman was maybe 5’5″ with boots on. You could feel the tension just pouring off of him and the horse was agitated because of this.
His wife came over to us and said, “You got to help my husband; he is freaking out.” A retired Marine went over and talked to him. We found out that he was from the Bronx and he had never even seen a horse, much less ride one of this size.

We finally got him on the horse but then he was over squeezing his legs and pulling on the reigns because he thought that he was going to fall off. We showed him how to breathe and relax and, once he did, the horse started immediately responding to him more favorably. We showed him how to guide the horse more with his feet than with his hands and once he was comfortable, we took him out on a trail ride. 

By the time we came back, he had an ear-to-ear grin on his face. We asked how he was doing, and he said, “Well, I’m walking a little funny but I want to get something to drink and can I please go out on the next ride?”
That’s the beauty of Equine Therapy.

Veteran Suicides

These are the estimated numbers we’re discovering the real numbers are closer to 44 suicides a day.
Veteran suicides in
veterans have died by suicide
since 2001
veteran suicides annually for the
last 20 years
0 +

For the Love of a Horse

The incredible thing about horses is that, unlike humans, you don’t need words to talk to each other.
It’s almost as if they just inherently know what you feel and can pick up on your emotional response.
Veterans who work with horses can take advantage of this special bond to gain insight into themselves – their feelings, emotions, and reactions.
It’s almost like a feedback loop: when you respond to the horse, it mirrors that back to you.
This helps facilitate self-reflection and can open up a whole new world of understanding for anyone willing to take the journey.

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    Overcoming Fears. Trusting. Forming Bonds.

    We helped someone overcome a fear that he didn’t even know he had. He left that day standing just a bit taller, prouder, and more confident in himself. His wife, who had been riding for over 20 years, was very proud of him and so are we.