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Building Homes and Hope

Building Homes and Hope

by JR Smith | Aug 29, 2023 | Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Equine Therapy, Heroes, Marine, Navy, Space Force, We Love Horses | 0 comments

APEX Block Partners With The Veterans Ranch

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of having a safe and stable place to call home. For many veterans transitioning out of military service, finding adequate housing can be an overwhelming challenge as they work to rebuild their lives as civilians. That is why partnerships between organizations like Apex Block and The Veterans Ranch are so vital. The Veterans Ranch will be able to build new APEX Block constructed, short-term occupied homes on their property, providing shelter and a foundation for a fresh start for deserving veterans. These stay form sustainable, advanced “Green Technology” blocks will be instrumental in building homes and rebuilding hope, empowering our Veterans to construct themselves on site!!!

Introducing Our New Partnership With the Veterans Ranch

Apex Block is dedicated to strengthening communities and tackling social challenges. We are proud to announce an exciting new “APEX block “JOINT VENTURE PARTICIPANT PROGRAM” with The Veterans Ranch, an organization committed to helping veterans cope with PTSD and other service-related disabilities through equine therapy and vocational rehabilitation, shaping their lives and future with confidence.

Providing Hope and Healing

The Veterans Ranch assists disabled and at-risk veterans and Gold Star Families in overcoming PTSD and physical injuries through interaction with horses. Equine therapy has been shown to help reduce symptoms of PTSD like anxiety, depression, and isolation. The Ranch provides vocational and life skills training to help Veterans successfully reintegrate into civilian life.  They will have the ability to train, becoming APEX Block Certified Installers and Consultants, furthering their individual growth, financial opportunities and shaping communities “one block at a time.” TM

Apex Block will be providing financial and operational support to The Veterans Ranch so they can continue their important work, expanding over time with the expected success based on our continued positive results. Funds and resources from Apex Block will help The Veterans Ranch assist more Veterans through equine therapy and vocational rehabilitation programs. Further growth and value for the participants, will also allow for facility upgrades and help attract high-quality staff.

A Shared Vision

Apex Block and The Veterans Ranch share a vision of stronger, healthier communities. By supporting veterans and Gold Star Families, we aim to tackle issues like poverty, lack of resources for disabled individuals, and the challenges of reintegrating into society after military service, and self-empowerment. The Veterans Ranch has already helped hundreds of Veterans, and with the added support of Apex Block, will be able to positively impact the lives of many more.

Through this meaningful program, Apex Block reaffirms its historical commitment to corporate social responsibility. We believe businesses have a duty to strengthen communities in sustainable, impactful ways. Supporting the important work of The Veterans Ranch is one way we are fulfilling that responsibility. Apex Block is very honored to support The Veterans Ranch and the Veterans they serve. This joint participation will change lives by providing hope, healing, and opportunity, and a future of these Veterans giving back even more.

How We Will Support the Mission

Apex Block will donate a percentage of sales from the private label APEX Block “Valor Series” program to directly fund the Veterans Ranch’s programs and daily operations. Our donation will help provide:

  • Equine therapy and other healing workshops. Interacting with horses helps Veterans work through trauma in a gentle, non-judgmental way. Workshops on topics like gardening, horsemanship, and ranch work and way of life can teach coping strategies and help rebuild confidence.
  • A safe place to call home. The Veterans Ranch provides room and board for Veterans in need of a supportive environment. Our donation will help cover costs like housing, meals, and amenities to create a comfortable living space for residents.
  • Opportunities to serve again. Caring for the Ranch’s animals and crops gives Veterans a renewed sense of purpose. By donating supplies and funding for the Ranch’s agricultural and husbandry programs, we help provide meaningful work that contributes to the community.
  • Increased PTSD awareness. The Veterans Ranch works to combat the stigma around PTSD and mental health issues facing Veterans. Our donation will support their efforts to educate the public through community outreach and promote understanding and compassion.

We believe that every Veteran deserves support. By partnering with and donating to the Veterans Ranch, Apex Block continues to give back to those who have sacrificed so much, as they have in other communities, such as the “Saving Grace Animal Shelter”, “Klamath Outdoor Science School”, “Churches”, and MORE. Together, we can build homes and rebuild hope, one APEX block at a time, with Veterans leading the way, by example.

Ways You Can Get Involved and Support Our Partnership

There are several meaningful ways you can support the impactful partnership between Apex Block and The Veterans Ranch. By getting involved, you are helping to strengthen the communities we serve and tackle complex social challenges.  We are open to ideas and projects you may have a desire for in your communities, we want your active input, Please let US KNOW!

Donate Resources

The Veterans Ranch also relies on direct donations to provide housing, job training and rehabilitation for veterans in need. Donating materials, appliances, furniture or other household goods helps minimize costs so more funding can be directed to critical programs and services. Apex Block donates proprietary stay form blocks to assist in new construction and renovation projects at the ranch, and select identified projects. You can also organize a donation drive to collect essential items from friends, family and local businesses.

Volunteer Your Time and Talents

Volunteers are the lifeblood of The Veterans Ranch, helping with everything from administrative work and fundraising to maintenance, meal preparation and transportation. Donating your time is an impactful way to support veterans in your community. Apex Block employees volunteer on a regular basis, assisting with various projects and events. There are many opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Attend or Organize an Event

The Veterans Ranch holds fundraisers and other special events throughout the year to raise awareness and financial support. Attending these events is an easy way to get involved while also learning more about their mission and impact. You can also organize your own fundraising event by rallying friends and family or collaborating with a local organization. Some ideas include bake sales, benefit concerts, golf tournaments and charity auctions.

Spread Awareness on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for educating others about important causes and inspiring action. Following The Veterans Ranch on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will keep you up to date on their latest news, events and initiatives. Share their posts and help spread their message by tagging friends and family. Use designated hashtags like #TheVeteransRanch to increase visibility and engage new supporters.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of veterans. By actively supporting this partnership in ways big or small, you are helping to provide essential resources for those who have sacrificed so much. Let’s continue strengthening our communities through compassion and service.

Make One Time or Monthly Donations and Purchase Block Units

By going to The Veterans Ranch website, you can go to their donate page and also make one time or monthly donations. Those donations provide vital services to the Veterans and Gold Star Families that The Veterans Ranch serves, and it also helps to take care of the horses, pay employees (largely Veterans or Gold Star Families), and the day-to-day costs of operating a ranch of this size and scope. You can also contact The Veterans Ranch and learn how you can purchase your own block units of APEX Block USA Distribution Program to Build America, for a potential long-term benefit of your family and support The Veterans Ranch at the same time.


As a company invested in strengthening communities, Apex Block’s participation with The Veterans Ranch is a natural fit. By providing materials and expertise to help build safe, stable housing for veterans in need, Apex Block will continue make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much. Though the homes constructed through this partnership are modest in size, they represent immense hope, dignity and compassion for their residents. Together, Apex Block and The Veterans Ranch are building more than just homes – they are building futures, security and a place to call home for those who deserve our deepest gratitude. Through partnerships like these, companies have the power to uplift lives and shape communities for the better.  For a better understanding of the APEX Block building system please take the time to review the 25 minute out-take video, and the NEW to be Released Podcasts, Videos, and Magazine Articles.  We are open to making a video of a project you may have or will have, PLEASE share that with us, by contacting us on The Veterans Ranch website.

Contact Information

In order to find out more information about The Veterans Ranch and Apex Block and all of the ways that you can support, please go to You can always reach out to them through The Veterans Ranch contact page and we can share with you the many ways that you can support both organizations. The Veterans Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit organization EIN# 82-3947323 and is also a Platinum member of a non-profit organization that rates other non-profit organizations.